You’re Welcome, Liberals, for Helping You Dodge the Bullet You Didn’t Even See

You’re Welcome, Liberals, for Helping You Dodge the Bullet You Didn’t Even See

Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States of America. It is a statement that is shocking at so many levels. Remember the line in Back to the Future, when Marty tells Doc that the president is Ronald Reagan. “The actor?” Doc responds. Well, think about what his response would be in this case.

Along with the shock of such an occurrence comes anger and finger pointing, protesting and rioting. But most importantly comes a lot of shortsightedness. I hope that there will come a point sometime soon when those who are rioting and so filled with anger in this country can catch their breath, step back, and reflect on a few things.

Before I proceed further, let me explain a few things about myself. I am a high school English teacher, and I love my job and love working with the vast diversity of students. I have been doing this for twenty years now, and I have never seen my students as anything other than kids, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, activities, or interests. And, not to brag, but I have been a well-liked teacher throughout my entire career. I get hugs from current and former students when I see them all over. I get introduced to parents, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even children of former students, and I am always filled with joy that these kids feel connected enough with me to see me as more than just a teacher and will have a real conversation with me outside of the classroom.

When I started teaching, I was quite liberal. Through the years, however, based on my experiences with the kids and contrary to the majority of the views in my profession, I have drifted further and further right, to the point of where I now stand right of center. I am definitely not far right. Though I hold my own strong spiritual beliefs and pray routinely, I will never thump a Bible or quote scripture as a means of backing up an argument.

I hope to write many articles, breaking down my political points, views on society and life, and providing my take on things. I am not a political expert, and I’m by far not the most knowledgeable man in the world, but I pay attention and I’m perceptive. Hopefully I can provide a perspective that some may have not considered before. I’ve got a lot to say, but I will take it one piece at a time. So I will start with my reasoning on why it would have been a huge mistake to vote Hillary Clinton into office. We dodged a serious bullet there, folks.

The most fundamental aspect of a democracy is that we, the people, are the ones who choose our leaders and representatives. We all have the constitutionally supported right to express ourselves, and we have one vote through which to act. Seeing as we are not all the same, we will have so many differences of opinions on the vast range of topics, but that’s what makes this country what it is.

Now, keeping this fundament of democracy in mind, I want to point something out that I see as so crucial and which warrants some serious reflection. Hillary Clinton won the democratic nomination. However, after she was recognized as the victor over Bernie Sanders, information was brought to light through Wikileaks that the DNC and the mainstream media worked together with the Clinton campaign to make sure that Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, earned the nomination. Along with the DNC’s independent actions, this included Nicholas Confessore, a New York Times political columnist, allowing Wasserman Schultz to tell him how to alter an article to cover up the truth about Bernie Sanders’ claim that the DNC was helping to fund Clinton campaign staffers. (If you are going to discredit the Wikileaks information as just being a Russian conspiracy, then take a look at the consequences). Debbie Wasserman Schultz was ousted as the DNC chair just before the Democratic National Convention.

Next up was Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor, who took Wasserman Schultz’s place. As it turns out, Donna Brazile also illegally helped Clinton by providing her with a crucial debate question against Bernie. Brazile, of course, denied this and claimed that the evidence (her email) had been doctored. But again, look at the consequence. CNN fired Brazile as a contributor for her actions (which also included providing Clinton with a debate question prior to the town hall debate against Trump, which came later). A handful of Bernie Sanders supporters, along with Bernie himself, were outraged and made an attempt at protesting, but sorry, Bernie, you weren’t the Chosen One. There were bigger fish to fry for the media and the DNC, so the focus just shifted right on over to Donald Trump. (I won’t to go into all the details, but I strongly urge you to research it yourself – for those liberals who are in shock right now, this could be the first step to getting the mainstream media spoon out of your mouth).

Now, some may blow this off, because these are just a few incidents and wouldn’t have made that big of an impact. One debate question? One article? Really? Big deal. However, remember, these are just the incidents that came to light. Some of you may believe that these are the only discretions like this, because there is no proof of anything else, and that’s fine (More power to your kid when he tells you, “It was just my first time to try it” or “I was just holding it for a friend” if he’s busted with drugs or alcohol; he’s totally telling the truth).

But before you just blow this off, think about the ramifications of this. We have freedom of the press in this country as a part of our constitution. That was established so that we, the people, have a way of knowing what goes on with our government and can hold them in check. Without the press having this role, the government could keep so many ugly truths from us. Now, I’m sure there are all kinds of stuff that both Democratic and Republican administrations have been able to keep from the press, with the notion that “You can’t handle the truth!” (That just has to be said in your best Jackie Boy impression). But if the press gets wind of it, so should we.

In this situation, however, one presidential candidate worked in collaboration with the media and with the Democratic establishment to keep another candidate out of office by manipulating and hiding the truth. So basically, dear American Democrats, they collaborated together to make the decision for you who your presidential candidate would be. But you didn’t know about it. Ignorance, baby. (Or maybe you did know but just didn’t want to think about it much). Because of this, I strongly believe that without the aide of the press and the DNC, Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic Nominee for president, and what’s funny is that now some mainstream media sources are saying the same thing. But at this point, it’s too late, right?

So on to The Donald.

Throughout the presidential campaign, the mainstream media was heavily biased against Trump in favor of Clinton, hammering him for the outrageous things he said, the inappropriate jokes, and his actions in the past – as they should have. We needed to know all of that. However, what they chose to keep from the public was the incredible amount of disturbing information that was out there about Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and her entire campaign in an attempt to manipulate the public into electing her as president.

The most telling to me was the hot mic Access Hollywood video where Trump made all the crude and very offensive comments about women. Anyone not offended by that has some serious issues (and may still have his ticket stub from an Andrew Dice Clay show). It was awful. However, what was missed in all of the shock and horror of what he said was the fact that the incident happened eleven years ago, which means that someone at NBC had that video the whole time. It wasn’t something they just stumbled across on the Thursday before the town hall debate. Had NBC truly wanted to keep Donald Trump from being president, because he is Donald Trump, then that information would have come out long ago, around when he first announced his candidacy.

But instead, NBC sat on it, in collaboration with the Clinton campaign, and released it at the most strategic moment in hopes of devastating the Trump campaign. Then Trump’s accusers came out, day by day. In no way am I discrediting the women, because I don’t know what happened. I am certain there’s some truth there. Trump has proven himself pretty sleazy. However, where was the mainstream media coverage of the Bill Clinton sexual assault accusers who recently came out as well with their stories that involved Hillary’s efforts to discredit them or shut them up? (“ . . . a vast right-wing conspiracy against my husband . . .” and then “Indeed, I did have a relationship with her that was not appropriate.” Very few of the young voters in this country even know about that, about the Paula Jones settlement, or about Juanita Broaddrick). Were these women given as much air time as the Trump accusers so that we, the people, could hear it all and form our own opinions? Not even close, because the force that was the media and the Clinton campaign together was going to determine who would be president.

There are two ways to control people. The first is through force – with power or leverage, which was what our founding fathers wanted to escape from the tyranny of England. The other is through manipulation – keep ‘em ignorant, and we can do whatever we want without the need of force. Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what the mainstream media attempted to do.

Had the media not joined forces with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to crown Hillary president, I firmly believe that Donald Trump would not be the president-elect at this point. It would be Bernie Sanders. We will never know, but I do know that many people who did pay attention voted to keep Clinton out of office more than to put Trump into it. Although I disagree with Sanders’ politics, I think Sanders is a much better person than Trump. He seems like a decent guy, and I think a lot more of those Trump votes would have either gone to Sanders or at least to Johnson or Stein. Either way, the outcome would have been different.

Though it may be frightening that a person with the character qualities of Donald Trump is about to become the leader of this country, what is so much scarier to me is that we almost put a woman into office that worked in collaboration with the media to manipulate the public, taking away the fundamental foundation of democracy of the president being elected by us. Like parents deciding what is best for their children, the media tried to decide what was best for us. Had we, the people, granted Clinton power enough to control the media and manipulate the public before she took office, my God, what power would she have had as the president?

The mainstream media made Trump out to be the next Hitler and has labeled anyone who supported him as bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, and misogynists. Instead of revealing to the public the deeply flawed candidate that Clinton was, they painted her as the savior of all things unequal. No wonder people are panicking and rioting. If that was all I knew, I would be outraged, too. I wouldn’t be breaking windows or beating people up, however. I would start paying attention.

Along with manipulating the public’s opinions about the two candidates, the media also lulled half of this nation into a false sense of security with the inaccurate and biased polls, because the mainstream media bullied and shamed non-Clinton supporters into silence.

So for me, by far, the greatest victory in this election was that we used the power we had to fight back against the establishment that, through the use of manipulation and misdirection, was determined to take away our fundamental right of choosing our president for ourselves. Had we allowed that, we would only be left with the illusion of freedom, blissfully unable to see those strings attached to our hands and feet. Thank God we dodged that bullet like Neo in The Matrix.

As for my advice now to those who thought that Clinton was going to walk into the White House and begin measuring drapes? Start paying attention to something other than the mainstream media. Start listening to people other than Miley Cirus, Katy Perry, JayZee, and the intellectual comedians on late-night TV. If you don’t, you may just be blindsided by something huge someday.

Oh, wait . . .






6 thoughts on “You’re Welcome, Liberals, for Helping You Dodge the Bullet You Didn’t Even See

  1. Really great points, all.
    I appreciate your voice. I am going to start “paying attention” and keeping a diary to keep points I have researched to come back to when needed.
    Thank you.


    1. / Thank you for sharing your BlogHer12 expceirnee. I could not attend because of a scheduling conflict, but followed the events on Twitter. Many of the bloggers seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I would like to attend BlogHer13 in Chicago. Did you have the opportunity to do some quality networking with other bloggers? Thanks.


    2. A mi me entra muchísima ansiedad cuando mis hijos se retrasan en llegar a casa. Aunque sean cinco minutos me empiezan los sudores y se me hace un nudo en el estómago. Estoy llena de miedos, si les ha ocurrido algo malo, si un accidente, si un desmayo… total, es tan grande la ansiedad que cuando llegan a casa tampoco puedo disfrutar de ellos.


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