I am a high school English teacher with twenty years of experience. I love teaching and interacting with my students, and I have learned and grown so much throughout my career. Something that separates me from many of my colleagues is that I am much more conservative than most teachers. Place me right of center. My years of teaching have brought me to this point.

For years, I held my tongue when the teachers around me talked politics and expressed extreme liberal views. I figured work wasn’t the place to debate, and arguing wasn’t worth it. However, since this presidential election, I have felt a need to finally express my thoughts and views, because it pains me to see the state of this country after the completion of our democratic election.

Hopefully once I have gotten a lot of my political thoughts out of my head, I will branch off to other areas of life. I’m observant. I pay attention. And I’ve got a lot to say.

Thanks for reading.